Z's Media Kit.

Z's Media Kit was introduced to Z's Collection in 2017 and retired in 2018. Retail cost was $60.


Green screen side of backdrop.

Reversible printed fabric backdrop. Slides onto gray plastic stick that attaches to two tall gray plastic stands. One side of backdrop has image of Seattle waterfront with the Space Needle and other attractions. Opposite side has green screen. The screen is long enough on the floor that items can stand on top of it for convincing pictures.

Studio Light

Tall gray plastic stand with studio light attached. Light has white front and gray plastic back. Light presses on with button. Uses two AAA batteries.


Black clapboard with printed white accents. Reads "Production: Z.Crew. Scene 5. Take 2." Has blank spaces for date, director, and camera. Outline of Z's glasses printed on it. Hinge on top to use clapboard. Resembles clapboard used in Z's desk organizer.

Tote Bag

Lavender tote bag with orange pull string. Has Z's logo stitched on the end in blue and orange thread.


Black plastic megaphone with silver plastic accents. "American Girl" written in purple font on the side.


Z's lighting guide.

Paper booklet with cover in peach, lavender, and blue. Reads "Studio Lighting Ultimate Guide." Has image of a Julie Albright mini doll in front of a faux San Francisco screen. Also includes images of the desk lamp from Z's Desk Set.


Trophy for the "Z Award." Purple plastic base with gold plastic trophy piece shaped like a shooting star. Star has a film camera in the center. Base reads "Z Award" with Z's logo.

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