Z's Desk Set.

Z's Desk Set was introduced to Z's Collection in 2017 and retired in 2018. Retail cost was $125.


Wooden shelving unit with pop-out desk. Two doors open in front with purple and silver handles. The first door reveals three shelves, a silver magnetic board, and a fold-down desk. It has a black faux chalkboard on the front of the door. The silver magnetic board has a plastic shelf at the bottom that can hold small items. Desk has white plastic table with blue supports; desk entirely folds into shelving unit for storage. End of desk has a hook that can be used to display calendar.

Bottom cabinet has no shelves. Left side of unit has two silver plastic hooks and comes with a sticker poster of Seattle.


Light purple desk chair with textured molding. Silver and black legs and wheels. Chair can rotate, but the legs are plastic and do not move.


Blue plastic laptop with gray plastic non-functional keys. A light gray USB cord is connected on the right side. It pulls out on a long cord and can connect to the video monitor. Screens can slide into laptop. Laptop is a blue version of the one in Gabriela's Performance Case.

Laptop Screens

Two reversible laptop screens. One shows a camera store website with an email program on the opposite side; email on the screen is from Z to the Z.Crew. The other screen shows a website with "Top 10 Best Pet Accessories" and various American Girl pet accessories. The reverse side shows a video-editing program with footage of Z and Popcorn.

Video Monitor

Gray plastic monitor with American Girl logo indented on the front and a faux power button. Back has faux openings for fan and faux additional buttons. Opening at top for screens to fit. Hole on side fits USB cord from laptop so they can connect. Monitor can tilt at different angles on stand. Stand is a darker shade of gray plastic and has a textured pattern.

Monitor Screens

Two reversible monitor screens. One has the Z.Crew webpage on one side and a "Submit Your Story" page on the opposite side for the Adams Elementary School Video Contest. The other shows a video chat between Z and a friend with a video editor screen on the opposite side.


Twelve-month paper calendar that can be hung on a hook on Z's desk. The year dates begin with Sunday, January 1 and it is not a leap year. Calendar is marked with important dates for Z.

Desk Organizer

Black plastic desk organizer designed to look like a movie clapboard. Clapboard says "Production: Z.Crew" and it has an image of Z's glasses. Organizer has two holes for pens or pencils and several compartments for notepads or other accessories. Board opens up top to reveal a small hidden compartment.

Stop-Motion Booklet

Paper booklet titled "Stop-Motion Tips and Tricks." Cover has a pattern with orange, blue, purple, and white and shows a purple video camera. Inside are instructions in color for how to make a stop-motion video, a list of necessary props,

Flip Booklet

Blue booklet with Popcorn's image and the title "Popcorn Flip Book." Inside are white pages with images of Popcorn moving; book can be flipped to show the image of Popcorn do a backwards flip.

Photo Strips

Two white-and-black photo strips with Z, her friends, and Popcorn.

File Box

White cardboard file box with artistic pattern on sides with black, purple, coral, and blue dots.

Storyboard Papers

Three paper storyboard sheets with plans for videos. They are for a video titled "Music Video Concept." They show a sequence with a girl waking up from bed, singing and dancing in her room, and dancing with her friends.


Three postcards from Z to her friends. One has a pink border with an image of a clapboard, another has a blue border with a glasses print, and the third has a photo of Seattle. They are addressed to friends in Texas, London, and Seattle.


One green sticky notepad that fits in desk organizer. A second notepad is yellow with black lines.


Two plastic faux mechanical pencils. One is blue and the other is coral. Both have the American Girl logo in white on the side.


Five plastic magnets that can be placed on magnetic board. One is blue with green headphones. Another has Z's logo in blue and coral. A third has a camera in coral with blue highlights. The fourth is square and has a purple film camera on a green background with "Smile" in yellow cursive script. The last one is a speech bubble in blue with the words "Just Be Cool" in blue script. The "oo" in "Cool" is replaced with Z's glasses in silver.


Gray plastic desk lamp designed to look like a movie light. Lamp lights up with the push of a button on the back. Lamp also has four covers on hinges that can be moved. Light can be tilted on its stand. It takes three 1.5 volt button cell batteries, which are included.


Two sticker sheets. One has a black background with a white to-do list for Z as well as stars, cameras, glasses, and other images associated with Z. The second has a white background with images of a ruler, a stylized image of Seattle, headphones, stars, pushpins, a film strip, and a stylized picture of Z's glasses.

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