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Yvonne Ellison is the eldest sister of Melody Ellison.




Yvonne is Melody's older sister, and frequently nicknamed "Vonnie".

She attends Tuskegee University, her mother's alma mater, in Alabama and is in her second year at the start of Melody's books, placing her at about twenty years old. Like everyone in their family, Yvonne is a good singer. She is an activist for black rights, and participates in the March on Washington, Detroit Walk to Freedom (which members of her family participate in as well) and the Mississippi Summer Project. During the events of the first books, one of the things she does is fluff her hair out into an Afro, as a sign of black pride. She also works as a civil rights worked in the summer of 1964.

Yvonne is left handed.[3]

In the Books

No Ordinary Sound

Never Stop Singing

Music in My Heart: My Journey with Melody


  1. Never Stop Singing pg 190: "Listen everyone." [said Mommy]. "We have a freedom fighter. Her name is Yvonne Marie Ellison."
  2. Used in deictic context.
  3. Never Stop Singing, pg 183: [Yvonne] picked up her fork with her right hand, and because she was left handed, she had trouble using it.