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The Year 2000 Doll Outfit as shown on Just Like You 11.

The Year 2000 Doll Outfit (also known as the Millennium Outfit) is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 1999 and retired in the same year. It was paired with the Doll’s Celebration Kit. Retail cost was $25.

Tank Top[]



Lightweight print tank top. Lavender satin shoulder straps and neckline trim. Tiny abstract print of lilac, periwinkle, and sky blue on white; overall effect is a lavender color. Velcro closure at center back.


Long sleeved cardigan in same material as tank. Lavender satin trim around wrists, neckline, and cutaway front opening. Fastens at front with a lavender satin bow.


Lavender satin A-line skirt. Above knee length.


Sparkly sky blue tights.


Lavender sandals. Wide strap over foot is translucent rubber; lavender satin ribbons tie around ankles. Brown rubber soles.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The children's outfit was available:

  • Cardigan and Tank Top: $46
  • Skirt: $32
  • Stretch Tights: $14

As Part of Isabel's Collection[]


Isabel's Year 2000 Outfit

The outfit is pictured on Isabel Hoffman in hers and Nicki's journals. A modified version of the outfit, Isabel's Year 2000 Outfit, was released as part of Isabel's Collection in 2023, which added hair clips.


  • The set came in unique packaging.

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