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The World Traveler in England as seen on Just Like You 67.

The World Traveler in England is a Truly Me outfit released in 2020. Retail cost is $36. It is part of the World Traveler Collection and frequently paired with the English Souvenir Set.


Red plaid knee length dress. Plaid is red with black, blue, white, and blue lines; this is intended to resemble Viyella red plaid. Square neckline. Cap sleeves with loop trim on center of sleeve. Off set to left side of bodice are three gold shank buttons. Red top stitching on bodice across near neckline and down left side. Two belt loops on side seams of bodice. Bodice is lined with solid red satin fabric. Skirt is bias cut A-line and has plastic American Girl logo tag on lower left of hem. Velcro closure at back.


Silver faux leather belt. Gold plastic buckle.


Blue knit calf length socks.


Black iridescent calf boots. Pleather of boots has integrated pink and blue glitter. Grosgrain black tab at center back of heel. Black functional laces. Black molded soles.


Red pleather British flat top fisherman (or fiddler) hat. Red crown with black pleather brim and visor. Brim is trimmer at front with gold braid and gold shank buttons at either end.


Booklet about various places and activities of interest in England. Includes instructions for making a doll-sized passport.