The World Traveler Collection is a set of Truly Me modern clothing and paired accessory sets focused on world travel and international tourism. The initial components of the collection were released in December 2020 (but are considered part of the early 2021 release).


L to R: Ireland, Italy, Japan, England, and France

Each set consists of one "tourist" outfit and one matching souvenir style accessory set.

The outfits are themed on the presented country and intended to evoke the feeling of clothing styles (but not specifically the cultural style clothing) of the country. The accessory sets include one themed bag, three postcards, one food or treat of the country, and a sheet of stickers based on passport stamps.

Outfits also include a pamphlet that talks about points of interest in the country and how to make a doll sized passport.



Souvenir Accessories:


  • This collection debuted with Kira Bailey, who travels to Australia in her story. Kira's Casual Outfit has an Australia t-shirt that is similar in design to those in the World Traveler Collection.
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