Winter Skirt and Blouse with the Red Boots.

The Winter Skirt and Blouse was introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 1988 and retired in 2009 with Kirsten's archival. It is associated with the book Changes for Kirsten. Retail cost was $18 and later increased to $24.


White long sleeved blouse. Button keyhole and neckline. Velcros up the back.


KirstenWinterOutfit waist

Waist detail.

Black calf-length skirt. Green and red stripes at the hem. Woven ribbon trim at waist with red, white and green flowers.


Two woven black hair ribbons with white, green, and red flowers.

Dress Like Your Doll


Girls' Scandinavian Outfit.

Starting in 1988, a girl's sized outfit sold as the Scandinavian Outfit along with the Knit Woolens.

  • Blouse: $26; later increased to $30
  • Skirt: $35; later increased to $40
  • Fur Boots: $200

This was phased out around the year 2000.


Special Edition mini doll.


  • A special edition mini doll of Kirsten wearing the Winter Skirt and Blouse and an abridged copy of Kirsten's Surprise was released in 2011 to celebrate American Girl's 25th anniversary.
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