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Winter Collections are Historical Character sub-collections that consist of tie-ins to the Winter Book for the character. The central piece of the collection is the outerwear: each character has something warm to wear when it's cold, plus accessories like hats or mittens. In the Pleasant Company catalogues, this collection also included the characters' undergarments, which were not produced for Kit Kittredge or any dolls released after her.

Through Josefina Montoya, the characters also had a Winter Amusements set and a Traveling Case. The former were small toys and games that a girl from the character's era might play with during the winter. They were discontinued by the time Kit Kittredge was released. The latter were doll-sized trunks, bags, or suitcases appropriate to the time period.

Contents of the Winter Collections[]

  1. Winter Books - usually titled Changes for ____
  2. Winter Outfits
  3. Winter Accessories
  4. Historical Underclothes
  5. Traveling Cases
  6. Winter Amusements

List of Winter Collections[]