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Willa is one of the main characters in the WellieWishers line.

Personality, Description, and Facts[]

Willa is an elementary-aged white girl with long red hair (frequently worn in two ponytails), light skin, freckles, and hazel eyes. Willa's first signature colors include paler reds and greens and focused on an animal motif; the new outfit more leans into fantasy nature designs such as a sprite or elf. The backyard garden the children play in belongs to her Aunt Miranda.

A natural-born tree climber and animal lover, Willa cherishes nature and loves nothing more than being around it. She considers herself a friend to all sorts of animals and all the creatures and critters in the garden. She is especially fond of the pet rabbit Carrot, communicating with him via what she calls "Rabbit Language".[1] She also speaks "Squirrel" and "Robin"[2], "Bird," "Worm," "Squirrel", and "Tree".[3]Her favorite animal is a cat.[4]; however, she loves all kinds of birds, including chickens.[5]

Willa is allergic to roses; they make her sneeze.[6] She also has mild stage fright and hates solos, so she doesn't like to perform alone.[7] She has a hard time speaking up in front of other people.

The song "Go WellieWishers" says she is a friend to all of nature, showing her with Princess Crisella and framed by real animals.


While Willa is in all the books, she is the focus of The Riddle of the Robin and Willa's Wilderness Campout.

Other Media[]

In the WellieWishers Animated Episodes she is voiced by Lily Sanfelippo.


See Willa (doll)


  • When the line was sold through Liverpool department stores in Mexico, Willa was initially called Jillian. The other characters did not have name changes.[8]

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