Will Shepherd is a friend of Kit Kittredge.


Personality and Facts

Will is a hobo from Texas and about sixteen years old when he is first seen. He grew up on a farm in Texas. When the Depression hit, he left his family so as to give them one less mouth to feed.

Will is hardworking, and is willing to work for food. He's good at square dancing.

In the Books

Kit Saves the Day: A Summer Story

Danger at the Zoo

In the Movie

Will Shepherd KK movie

Max Theiriot as Will Shepherd.

Will Shepherd is played by Max Thieriot. He has a friend named Countee, a girl dressed as a boy.

When a locked box containing Margaret's treasures is stolen, a footprint with a star matching the one on Will's boot is discovered, making him the prime suspect. It turns out that Mr. Berk, his cousin Frederich, and Miss Bond, were actually the thieves and framing Will and the rest of the hobos for the crime.

On Thanksgiving, Will and Countee bring food to Kit's family to share with them.

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