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The WellieWishers are a line of all-vinyl dolls released by American Girl in June 2016. The line is named after wellies, a term for Wellington boots/rubber rain boots that was popularized in the United Kingdom. They are, as a line, designated to cover the span of elementary-aged children four and up who may be too young for handling the mainline 18" dolls, but feel too mature for the preschool style clothing and infant focus of the Bitty Baby line.


The line has five main characters: Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille. They are all characterized as young girls of about early elementary age who meet together in a backyard garden (supervised by Aunt Miranda, who is Willa's aunt) to play with each other. While they each have unique personalities and interests, they play together freely and enjoy each other's company; the line characterizes them as all wanting the same overall goal of being a good friend and taking a step in each other's "wellies" to understand each other, as well as a silly and sweet group of children.

Doll Anatomy

The group of WellieWishers dolls (2016-2021). Left to Right: Emerson, Ashlyn, Willa, Kendall, and Camille.

The WellieWishers dolls are a mix of vinyl and plastic, with vinyl limbs and head and harder plastic torsos. At fourteen and a half inches tall (14.5"), their overall shape is smaller than standard sized American Girl Dolls.

Dolls have fixed set plastic eyes with no attached lashes (though lashes and eyebrows are painted on) and wigged mod-acrylic hair. The face molds, like most of the 18" dolls, have two visible front teeth which are painted along with the lips and slight blushing on cheeks. The face molds vary slightly (Willa/Camille, Ashlyn/Kendall, and Emerson), but are overall designed to resemble a young early elementary school aged child. Ears are visible and simply molded. The heads turn on the neck but do not tilt dramatically, and the arms and legs are set to the torso on rotating flange joints; the arms and legs are slightly poseable but not to the strung-style degree of the 18" dolls. The harder plastic torso has a molded navel, slight torso shaping with a waistline, and molded skin-tone underpants with the WellieWishers "W" logo over the right hip. The fingers are curved slightly to hold items and have small unpainted fingernails; the feet are flat soled and have unpainted toenails.

Meet Outfit

From launch until 2021, each doll came in a unique meet outfit consisting of a short sleeved tee, gathered-waist skirt, pink knit panties, and rubber/plastic wellies that are slit up the back to facilitate removal. The wellies are also lined inside with white mesh to prevent staining doll's legs.

In 2021, the meet outfits were changed significantly. Every character's outfit now consisted of a leotard, pull on skirt, and a plastic headband; Kendall's also comes with additional wings. Their wellie boot designs did not change. Rather than individual meet accessories, they all now share the Magical Llamacorn Accessories.

Outfits and Accessories

See List of WellieWishers Outfits; List of WellieWishers Accessories and Furniture; List of Children's WellieWishers Items

The characters overall share items, clothing, and accessories; most accessories and items are not titled by character name, though it appears that several items are strongly associated with a particular character. Others are intended by design to help flesh out the world and serve as playsets for all the characters. Outfits frequently come with solid plastic shoes.

Starting in 2018, WellieWisher dolls can have their ears pierced. The posts are the same size as 18" doll earrings with the Bright Blooms Earring Set the default earrings for the line.

Children's Items

Matching children's items were released at launch with outfits similar to the standard outfits for the main five characters. The boots were modified into socks sold as a five-pair set, the WellieWishers Sock Set; a pair of see-through wellies, the Peek-A-Boo Wellies, were sold alongside. While the matching outfits were later retired, the boots and socks remain available, and additional new sets of socks are released.

Unique child sized items for the line continue to be released, including a charm bracelet with additional charms sold separately, Carrot-themed items, and other matching outfits.


The books are written by Valerie Tripp and illustrated by Thui Tai. These are short-chapter books with full illustrations.

The first three books were released in late summer 2016, with the next set in late winter 2017; books continue to be released. The books started to be sold as discounted box sets starting in 2017, with the first three books and the second three books grouped together.

Other books by Scholastic include:

  • Willa's Butterfly Ballet by Judy Katschke
  • Emerson Is Mighty Girl! by Meredith Rusu
  • Ashlyn's Fall Fiesta by Meredith Rusu
  • Kendall's Snow Fort by Meredith Rusu
  • Meet the WellieWishers by Judy Katschke
  • Sunny Day Scavenger Hunt by Meredith Rusu
  • Pony Surprise by Meredith Rusu

Animated Series

An animated series based on the WellieWishers debuted on Amazon Video in October 2016, with each episode averaging a run time of 10-11 minutes. The series is free for Amazon Prime members to watch, while non-Prime members can purchase an individual episode at $1.99 in standard-definition format, or $2.99 for high-definition formats; The first episode, The Bothersome Bird, is free to watch on Amazon Video without a Prime account.

The series can be seen on Tiny Pop in the UK.

Starting in Sept 2019, the episodes became available for free viewing on the WellieWishers YouTube channel.


The first free app was made available exclusively for iOS devices soon after the line's release.

A freemium app entitled WellieWishers Garden Fun was released for both iOS and Android in Fall 2017. Developed by xcube Games, Garden Fun shares more or less the same basic premise as the previous game, but is distributed as a free-to-play app, with additional items and games to be purchased separately.

Promotional Images

Promotional image, from left to right, of Camille, Ashlyn, Emerson, Kendall, and Willa.[1]

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  1. This image shows the characters before the outfits were designed for the widespread line.