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The Weekend Fun Outfit I

The Weekend Fun Outfit I is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 2004 and retired in 2005. Retail cost was $22.


White sleeveless top. Print of pastel dots and light blue stylized flowers with light green leaves. Graphic in center in shades of blue and green. A blue flower is in the very center with the words "Imagine" and "Create" in the circle around it. The graphic also includes"04 American Girl Style" around the flower with the words "Show your style. Express yourself" below it. Light blue trim around armholes and V neckline. Wide light blue "belt" at waist, with knot at left hip. Velcros up the back.


Navy blue capri-length pants. Pale blue topstitching (double line around fly front and U-shaped front pockets, single line elsewhere). Cinched slightly at outside leg and adorned with a light blue ribbon bow and embroidered blue and white flowers. Light blue fabric bands attached inside hem; these hang down past the hems of the pants and are trimmed with fringing. Velcros at fly.


Light blue sandals. Two-tone blue and green straps crossing over foot with a silver buckle detail. Blue elastic strap around ankle. Orange "cork" insoles and black rubber outsoles.


Khaki bucket hat. Fringing around brim. Embroidered flowers in blue, light green, and light blue on crown. Blue contrast stitching along brim. Shown worn with the brim turned down.


Two bracelets. One is a green band with orange stitching along the edges; this bracelet closes with velcro. The other is a brown cord with a faux turquoise bead on it; this bracelet closes with a silver clasp.


Yellow oval-shaped pendant necklace with decorative cutouts. Necklace is on a brown cord. Silver clasp at end.


  • A variant of this outfit was sold in 2008 as a Purchase With Purchase. This set did not come with any of the jewelry. Retail cost was $14. This version has an alternate solid light blue tank top with a white, blue, and green graphic in the center of the shirt. The graphic is very similar to the original, although it is updated as "08 Style," reflecting the year of this outfit's release. The pants with this version have navy blue fabric bands attached to the ends of pants instead of light blue fabric. Finally, the sandals in this version have two-tone blue and light teal straps with a teal elastic strap around ankle. Silver insoles with "AG" and star logo on them. Black outsoles.

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