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CoconutVetSet II

The Vet Set II shown with Coconut.

The Vet Set II is a Coconut Item accessory set released in 2009 and retired in 2012. Retail cost was $18.

Care List[]

A paper care list that reads "Pet Progress Chart." "'Helping Paw' Pet Care Clinic" is written on it in purple as well as a purple heart and paw print logo. The chart has categories for snuggling, tail wagging, treat eating, butterfly chasing, and napping.


Pink and clear plastic syringe with heart-shaped design on the end.


Purple elastic bandage.

Ice Pack[]

Pink flower-shaped ice pack.


Flexible purple flower-shaped cone. Attaches with velcro. This item does not fit Honey.


Pink paper envelope with purple "'Helping Paw' Pet Care Clinic" written on it and purple heart and paw print logo. 


Three translucent x-ray slides that can fit into the envelope. One slide is red, yellow, and orange with a heart shape and the words "a heart of gold." Another is pink and purple with an image of a stomach and it says "butterflies in her tummy." The third is pink and blue and reads "a paw-sitive attitude."


  • Nearly all of these items are identical to those in Coconut's Vet Set. The cone, bandages, and ice pack were recolored, but the care list, x-rays, envelope, and syringe are identical. This set also does not come with a sticker sheet.

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