Very Funny, Elizabeth is the companion book for Elizabeth Cole; it is considered an extension of the Felicity series. It was included with the Elizabeth doll when she was available; with the collection's archival, it can be purchased separately.



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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: The Merriest Girls in Virginia

Chapter Two: Tarts for Tea

Chapter Three: Miss Priss

Chapter Four: Hot-Heads

Looking Back: Courtship and Marriage in 1775

Discusses courtship and marriage during colonial times. Topics include:

  • Marital expectations young girls and women faced during colonial times, such as looking for a spouse to either maintain or improve family social standings, rather than love.
  • How courtship was carried out between prospective families.
  • Considerations women faced during courtship, such as moving in with their future husbands, maintaining their own households, and in marriages among English nobility, setting, and following strict protocol.
  • The inability for women to divorce in Virginia and England.
  • Consequences a woman might face for backing out of a marriage proposal without agreement from the potential groom.
  • Consequences unmarried men and women could face in public society.
  • How unmarried women were viewed by colonial society.
  • Choices and privileges unmarried women and widows had that married women could not, such as owning businesses and property, earning wages, and signing contracts.

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