The Valentine Party Outfit as seen on Just Like You 17.

The Valentine Party Outfit is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 2001 and retired in 2003. Retail cost was $24.


Dark pink collared shirt. Dark pink ruffle trim around hip length hem and three-quarter length sleeves. Wide collar. Closes in front with four functional pink buttons;in most stock images the shirt is shown open to display the tank top.

Tank Top

Simple white tank top. Dark pink embroidered heart and ribbon trim along edge of square neckline. Velcroes up the back.


Long straight pink print skirt. Print of dark pink stylized hearts and pale pink swirls on a light pink background. Ruffled hem. Calf length.


Thick soled sandals. Wide dark pink strap over foot. Pale pink decorative stitching on straps. Tan inner soles; outer soles are the same color.

Hair Ornaments

Four flower-shaped hair clips; these are shown clipped into a small accent braid in the doll's hair. Two of these clips are dark pink; the other two are magenta.


Two paper valentines. One is small, rectangular, and white with magenta hearts-and-wreath print. The other is large, heart-shaped, and purple.


Dark pink paper envelopes. Pink ribbon decorating closure. made to fit the smaller valentine.


Sheet of six purple heart-shaped stickers.


Dark pink sheer drawstring bag. Small purple hearts woven into the fabric. Tied with a pink ribbon bow.

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