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The Vacation Outfit as seen on Sonali.

The Vacation Outfit is a Just Like You outfit released in 2010 and later retired. It was sold as a Purchase with Purchase. Buying $40 of items at an American Girl Place allowed purchase for $15.


White short-sleeved knit T-shirt. Front has dark blue embroidered tropical island setting (land and palm trees) with blue water waves, surrounded by wreath of blue palm fronds and pink and orange flowers. American Girl abbreviated logo embroidered in blue beneath wreath. Velcro closure at center back.


Blue denim shorts. Two loops at front and one at center back to lace belt through. Velcro closure at front fly.


Multicolored ribbon belt. Horizontal stripes in light blue, blue, white, red and pink. Blue D-loop closure.


Slip-on sandals. Light turquoise grosgrain ribbons at toe; gold metal buckle at center of straps. White inner sole. Tan soles. Clear elastic strap at heel.