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  • So you have a question about a character, a movie plot, when something aired, an actress's data, or other minutiae. Great! Go look it up yourself. Read a book, watch a movie, check a catalog. I don't have fine details on movies, books, actors, plots, etc. I don't own everything or consume everything, and what I have consumed I'm not here to answer questions about. As of March 2018, all questions about media/characters will be deleted unanswered. They're becoming a clutter.
  • Questions about basic formatting will not be answered. I don't have time to tell people step by step coding, so I won't even start. I learned by working and so can you. Go play in the Sandbox and test from there.
  • Do not use my page to bitch about any other admins or complain that I wasn't nice enough to you. Be A Big Girl. Chances are, if you're getting fussed at, there's a good damn reason for it. We're here to get the information down, and complaining that the admins aren't being kind enough to you is acting childish. I haven't the time nor the spoons for it.
  • If you've been blocked, wait out your block and take that time to learn how not to make the same mistakes again. Blocks are temporary. Take your time out. If you've been perma-banned, you aren't likely to be unbanned. If you're banned for age reasons, you won't be unbanned until you're old enough to be here. (If your sister/brother/cousin/nibling came on and was underaged/caused issues and got your account banned, then you've learned a valuable lesson about not supervising children and others on the internet. Teach your relatives not to mess around on your accounts and wait out the ban.) Nethie hears ya. Nethie don't care.
  • If you leave an unsigned, unsectioned, or misplaced message on my page, it can and often will will be immediately deleted. If you want me to care, then sign your posts with four tildes (~~~~) and leave a proper heading. And yes, you have to do both. I only have so many hours in this world and I'm not going to spend them answering unformatted questions. Furthermore, if the only thing that you ask on my page is about formatting--including how to sign on a talk page--I'm just going to undo your message and go about my business. I haven't the time nor spoons.
  • If something is retired, revamped, released, or in need of edits, don't leave notes to this effect for me to have to work with. Go to the page and edit it yourself. I'm not the only person who can edit pages.

Now go forth and read all the talk on my page or something.

Edit reversion inquiry

Hey there, Kirkburn from FANDOM Support here. We've been contacted about some of the editing practises here, since a lot of edits are reverted, and I wanted to ask you about it.

For example, this edit. Those descriptions seemed entirely reasonable to my eye - so why were they removed? (I admit little familiarity with the topic of this wiki, but the info matches the photo.) -- Kirkburn (talk) @fandom 17:41, February 2, 2018 (UTC)

Hello, Kirkburn. As one of the head admins, I can explain why edits like those are reverted as improper. One of our standard policies is that we would like descriptions of outfits and items to be as detailed as possible, not just a quick line. This has been true for some time (as seen here, at the part where it says "Articles and descriptions of items on pages should never consist of one or two short lines, a short list of items, or only two or three sentences").
This is especially crucial for product descriptions, because one or two lines doesn't give enough description unless it's a simple article of clothing. (We don't expect a long description on a pair of white socks, for example, "white ankle socks" is sufficient.) Compare the reverted edits to the edits for this recent article's descriptions, which can be seen in edit history here. People aren't required to own a product to edit an article--many items on this Wiki are older and may be harder to get. But an edit should at least be able to tell a reader more than a single sentence description. For example, I do not own this item. However, the description of the item is enough to tell the dress's plausible visual fabric, skirt length, some of the trims, and back closure (most of these items close across the back with Velcro), enough to picture the item without the image.
We have this policy in place because, when the Wiki was launched and still open to anonymous edits, it was easy for the targeted audience or younger editors to leave short, non-thorough descriptions. These were often based on product descriptions from the website or catalogs which are, by nature, written in flowery, product-selling descriptive language (e.g. for the above stellar outfit example, the webtext is A multicolored space-dyed tank top; A varsity jacket with patches [the character] proudly wears at camp and at home; Denim shorts with a decal heart; Bright cosmic-print sneakers).
Another reason is because many secondhand purchases of AG items may not and often do not include every item; as a product targeted to children, it is plausible that outfit parts are lost, damaged, or mixed up in secondhand sales. A description here should be clear enough that if someone finds just one part e.g. just a white shirt with text on it--they can try a search here to find what set it belongs to by the text of the article. We are aiming for a high level of detail so that a person, without looking at an image, can compare what they may have or see in a search online and verify what an item is without the other items in the product or a verification of a purchased item.
ETA @ 4:48 PST 2/3/18: For example, there are multiple outfits with blue jeans. A description of "blue jeans" does not help others find out which of the jeans they may have. However, if they see that the jeans are "distressed," this may lead them to the right outfit. Some older articles have short descriptions; this is because they have not yet been cleared or updated.
An accepted description of the jersey from the article linked--based on the picture alone, because this is also something I don't own--would be akin to: White short sleeved soccer jersey. V-shaped neckline. Purple trim on neckline, down front, and on sleeve cuffs. American Girl logo and pink 2 on front of jersey. (I have not put this on the article yet.)
I hope this explains things. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.
Nethilia (talk) 06:49, February 3, 2018 (UTC)

On Disney Channel, was Lea To The Rescue Rated TV-Y7?

I heard that lea to the rescue was rated tv-y7 on disney channel. An episode of The Lion Guard (a show i hate) had that rating!!! Also arthur (a show with no veteran voice actors) had that rating) can you give me a screenshot of the movie with that rating? And why was it rated that instead of TV-G.

User:Maria SantaClara

I have not watched this movie. I did not watch it when it aired. I have no idea what the rating was on airing, or why it was rated as such if it was. (P.S. There was no reason to include your opinion on other shows, as this information was unhelpful.) Nethilia (talk) 14:53, February 8, 2018 (UTC)

Delete Article

I made a article for the Coconut Cuff Bracelet, but I didn't realize that there was a doll version available until after. Can you delete the article? Thanks!

Olafluver (talk) 21:09, February 10, 2018 (UTC) 

Article has been deleted. Please refrain from making articles for children's items unless they are unique items with no matching/corresponding doll items (eg. Grace Thomas's Puppy Tee for Girls). --AkaiKaze (talk) 03:07, February 12, 2018 (UTC)

Why can't i find any info about Mokgethoa Tebeila

It appears that Lea To The Rescue is Her only credit so far, and she doesen't have any twitter, facebook, or any social media! Why is there hardly any info of her? Is she a locally-cast south african actress? Is there any way to contact her? --Bangzoom (talk) 13:43, February 11, 2018

The wiki is not the place to ask these types of questions. You are better off asking in a dedicated AG forum, or the movie's IMDB forum page. --AkaiKaze (talk) 03:11, February 12, 2018 (UTC)

Whenever I try to edit, it says that I am blocked by VSTF

Whenever I try to make a good edit, it says she hat I am blocked by VSTF. Can I have some help please? (unsigned comment by Karen Heathwood at 11:42, 2018 February 16‎ (UTC) )

Research shows that this is a widespread ban, likely on IP address, by the VSFT or Volunteer Spam Task Force. Likely you are on an IP address that has been banned for vandalism or other spam across the Fandom Network. You will need to contact them regarding the situation. We no longer have open IPs edits on this wiki and this is not something I can handle. Nethilia (talk) 14:04, February 17, 2018 (UTC)

Can you take a picture of the abandoned chesterfield AG store?

When you see it, will it have the faded logo on it? (unsigned comment by Karen Heathwood at 13:45, 2018 February 16‎ (UTC) )

I cannot give you this kind of information. The wiki is not the place to ask these types of questions. You are better off asking in a dedicated AG forum or social media community. Nethilia (talk) 14:04, February 17, 2018 (UTC)

What is Gabi's Baby Sister's name?

What is it? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Terra Layne (talkcontribs)

I don't have these answers. The book does. Nethilia (talk) 04:23, March 2, 2018 (UTC)

AGtubers and Meet Accessories Category

Sorry to bother you, but do you think that there should be articles for AGtubers (like AGoverseasfan) on this wiki? Also, I just wanted to tell you that I noticed there is no category for Meet Accessories.

Hi! Hollyleaf's #1 fan here! (talk) 15:15, March 3, 2018 (UTC)

This is not a fandom wiki. At no point will we as a wiki ever include fandom information or articles for specific fans outside of users putting personal information on their user pages, as this is against our project goals.
There is also no category for Meet Accessories because meet accessories were initially listed on doll character pages as they were not separate from historical dolls. We'll likely leave it that way, though other admins may look into if this is now necessary. Nethilia (talk) 11:59, March 4, 2018 (UTC)

Luciana's Birthday

American Girl has confirmed Luciana's birthday to be May 15. Here's the link: 

Can you edit this on Luciana's page? Thanks!

AmericanGirlInnerstar (talk) 00:07, May 2, 2018 (UTC)

--Thank you for the information! I'll add it in. Nethilia (talk) 00:15, May 2, 2018 (UTC)

Musical Infoboxes

Hey! I was wondering if I could make an Infobox Template for the live musicals- including quick facts such as featured characters, directors, songwriters, opening/closing dates, etc. Since AG is creating a third live musical this year, it might be nice to have on the Musical pages. Thanks!

Neverland8 (talk) 21:07, May 17, 2018 (UTC)

If you know how to code it, go ahead. Nethilia (talk) 02:49, July 2, 2018 (UTC)


Hey. I edited Kit’s gardening outfit on AG wiki. and you deleted everything. May I ask why? I mean, people want descriptions and they were good descriptions. I’m not trying to be rude but I’m wondering why if you didn’t think they were good enough then why didn’t you write your own? (This unsigned comment was made by Jodo Russo (talk) at July 1 2018, 18:51 (UTC))

1: Sign your posts on Talk pages using four tildes as so: ~~~~
2: I certainly did roll back the descriptions, as they were not up to the quality we require for descriptions. If you look at the last time this came up, under the heading "Edit reversion inquiry" here in this talk page, you will see an idea of what we require for descriptions. They were not good descriptions as stated under our article creation policy. Specifically, the spot where it says "Articles and descriptions of items on pages should never consist of one or two short lines, a short list of items, or only two or three sentences.
3: As Admin and founder, I have the ability to revert articles that are poorly written quickly; other admins would have done the same once they saw the description. I just happened to be the one checking in at the time. Depending on my ability at the time, I will either leave them back on the stub level to encourage proper descriptions or do thorough descriptions.
4: I often do descriptions of items, though I am not obligated to do it as soon as I revert. To see an example of my description level and the level we require on items, compare your reverted descriptions to the ones on Luciana's Stellar Outfit, which I coded in myself. It's not required to own an item to do the description--for example, I don't own Molly's Evergreen Velvet Dress. I still did a description that is enough to tell the dress's plausible fabric, skirt length, some of the trims that can be seen, and back closure (most of these items close across the back with Velcro), enough to picture the item without the image.
I hope this explains why the descriptions you submitted were reverted and gives you a good the level of item description we require here. Repeated poor descriptions can result in temporary blocks.
Nethilia (talk) 02:49, July 2, 2018 (UTC)


Hey Nethilia,

On your re-edit comment for HANUKKAH GIFTS: Not sure what your last line about NOT creating stubs if the article is already filled out means...just looking to understand what that means so I don't do it again. Understand about the definition. Thanks.

AmericanGirlJunkie (talk) 04:55, August 21, 2018 (UTC)AmericanGirlJunkie

At the end of short sections or articles, the code {{Stub}} appears. If an article has been filled out, this needs to be removed. This is only visible when doing full code, not the editor. Just make sure it's removed if you feel out a good portion of the article, especially if an item has all the items with a good description. Hope that clarifies. Nethilia (talk) 13:42, August 21, 2018 (UTC)

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank you real quickly for making this wiki. It is amazing and I love reading it and updating it! There's truly no other place that has all this information except for here. 

Thank you!

AmericanGirlInnerstar (talk) 20:26, September 29, 2018 (UTC) ("Minako Vega")

Thank you for the compliment--and all your contributions! You're doing a great job filling things out! Nethilia (talk) 04:46, October 1, 2018 (UTC)

Historical Volumes 2019

With Amazon listing the new revamped Historical volumes, how should the wiki pages be updated? (ex. The Journey Begins is now Kaya: The Journey Begins; Soaring High is now Julie Takes a Stand.)

Nipasu (talk) 21:35, March 29, 2019 (UTC)

I believe these are major rereleases with significant updates, but I would like more information. Depending on the level of changes, they may end up as their own pages, but it can't hurt to wait. Nethilia, Head Admin (talkpage) 22:44, March 29, 2019 (UTC)

SEO Test + Analytics

Hey Nethilia! I'm Marcus, and I'll be the Wiki Manager her to help and support this community! There are a few exciting things as of late on Fandom!

In case you didn't hear, a new Analytics dashboard has just been introduced! This should give a clearer undrstanding of search terms viewers are using and which devices they come from.

All you need to do is visit Special:Analytics.

Help:Analytics dashboard can also be used for more details about the Analytics dashboard.

Additionally, I'm here to let you know that Fandom plans to run a test here starting this week. It aims at improving the search enginge ranking for our communities. Yours and a few other communities have been selected for this test.

Some details: We will be automatically redirecting anonymous users who land on file pages to the first article page that the file is used on. Our hope is that this will help anonymous users (who are usually clueless about wikis) find what they're looking for more easily. During the test, we'll measure whether this has a postive impact on search enginge rankings.

Logged-in users will see absolutely no change, so you may not notice anything of this test - but we figured it's best to let you know, in case anonymous users reach out to you with questions.

If you have any of your own, let me know! TimShade (Talk) 19:40, August 9, 2019 (UTC)

Revamped Historical Items 2019

There are quite a number of items that have been revamped (ex. Rebecca's Sabbath Set, Maryellen's Diner, Kaya's Foods) and I just wanted to ask if they should get separate pages or should these be added to their existing pages?

Sorry for the bother! Nipasu (talk) 20:38, October 1, 2019 (UTC)

No bother! Give them new articles and add the year to the end, like we do with holiday stuff. So "Rebecca's Sabbath Set (2019)". Nethilia, Head Admin (talkpage) 00:10, October 2, 2019 (UTC)

Adults Included for DLYD?

Seeing that some of the items in the DLYD now include adult-sized versions, should the Dress Like Your Doll article and category's descriptions be amended to reference the matching/complementary adult-sized items as well?

Granted, it's been mostly the Williams-Sonoma apron sets, but with two holiday-themed Truly Me pajama sets now, I personally think the article/category should be updated. --AkaiKaze (talk) 17:17, October 7, 2019 (UTC)

Agreed. Do it. Nethilia, Head Admin (talkpage) 00:09, October 8, 2019 (UTC)

Terms for People

Please update Joss Kendrick's page to correct the out-dated term "disability".  People have accessibility needs, they are not disabled. (this unsigned comment was by user DracheMitch on 00:15, 2020 January 2‎)

Joss as a character is a disabled person with accessibility needs. She is partially deaf or hard of hearing, to get into specifics, and visibly disabled. The term disabled is perfectly acceptable to use to refer to her as a character and a doll. As a disabled person myself, I use the term; "cutesy" or covert language that tries to hide disability does not help people like me or the actuality of my needs. What I need is accessibility, yes. And what I am is disabled.

"But as actually disabled people will tell you, their disabilities are a vital part of who they are. That's why many prefer "identity-first language," in which the disability is put front and center in the terms we use. Examples include terms like “disabled people” or “Deaf person” rather than “person with a disability. [...] "I can't hear properly, but no amount of condescending language is going to change that," said Meg Szydlik, a student [...] who is disabled. "I'm also not Daredevil, and I didn’t gain superpowers from my disability, which is always what 'handicapable' makes me think of." It’s Perfectly OK To Call A Disabled Person ‘Disabled,’ And Here's Why (accessed 1/2/2020)

"It is okay to use words or phrases such as "disabled," "disability," or "people with disabilities" when talking about disability issues." Respectful Disability Language

The term is appropriate and is as stands.
If you deign to attempt to regulate the perfectly appropriate language of this wiki again--and I suggest you not--at least have the wherewithal to sign your posts with ~~~~.
Nethilia, Head Admin (talkpage) 08:45, January 2, 2020 (UTC)
ETA: No, a Bad Attitude Is Not the ‘Only’ Disability:

And that quote,The only disability in life is a bad attitude, the reason that's bullshit is because it's just not true, because of the social model of disability. You know, no amount of smiling at a flight of stairs has ever made it turn into a ramp. Never. Smiling at a television screen isn't going to make closed captions appear for people who are deaf. No amount of standing in the middle of a bookshop and radiating a positive attitude is going to turn all those books into Braille. It's just not going to happen.

Don't tell me the only disability in life is a bad attitude

As an adult, it's easy to joke about it but as a kid, it's the kind of thing you internalize. Disabled kids should be taught to embrace their bodies and their abilities, whatever they may or may not be. Teaching them phrases like 'the only disability is a bad attitude' simultaneously strips them of part of their identity and instills a sense of shame when they're unable to do the same things their abled peers can.

There's this weird belief that if you can't do something you’re just not trying hard enough. You haven't found the right way yet, keep going, don’t give up. People will encourage you to damn near kill yourself trying before letting someone else do something for you. That's obviously a really toxic attitude to have. A lot of people try to catch us in a lie like we’re 'faking' our disabilities because of that attitude.

Nethilia, Head Admin (talkpage) 00:27, July 27, 2020 (UTC)

How can we help?

Hi, I'm Sannse one of the Fandom staff team. We've been looking at some of the wikis that are currently categorised as "Lifestyle". We would like to move away from lumping together so many varied wikis, and give them a more accurate category. In your case, we have classified this wiki as "Collectibles".

The hope is that with wikis grouped into smaller more focused groups, we can give better and more personalised support. For example, we can give help with wiki design, advice on search engine optimisation, and generally just be around for any questions and other needs you have.

We have a short survey that will help us understand what your needs are, and where we can best focus to help you keep building your wiki. I hope you'll participate and let us know what you need. You'll find that here

I'll be your primary contact, with the rest of the Exploration and Innovation Team ready to jump in and help where we can. I look forward to working with you! And if you have any questions, please let me know -- Sannse @fandom (help forum | blog) 20:51, April 14, 2020 (UTC)

Live Chat

Hi! Is there a live chat?

YE (talk) 16:32, May 10, 2020 (UTC)

No. Nethilia, Head Admin (talkpage) 07:50, May 11, 2020 (UTC)

Comment Section

I just created an account for here and the BSC wiki and when I used to use this wiki anonymously, there wasn't a comment section. Is there now a comment section for articles now that I am signed in? Thank you!

Copeland3723 (talk) 18:35, May 26, 2020 (UTC)Saige (my nick)

And also, if there isn't one, could we add one?Copeland3723 (talk) 18:36, May 26, 2020 (UTC)Saige

As explained on the policy about Talk Pages, we do not have a comment section. As stated:

[A]ll commenting on pages has been disabled. The pages here are not for long chains of comments, which would devolve into "isn't this doll cute!" or "is Felicity returning?" or "I named my #55 Lisa" or any sort of useless chatter or rumor mongering.

We will not have a comment section ever. Nethilia, Head Admin (talkpage) 13:20, May 31, 2020 (UTC)

Girl of the Year

I know on the Girl of the Year page you said the free special giveaways at the store were only the first three days of release. But I don't think that is true, at least not for McKenna. I went to the American Girl store in July 2012 to buy McKenna, and that day I also went to the free screening of the McKenna movie that store did, where they gave away gift bags with the McKenna white duffle bag. Purplemidge1 (talk) 15:14, August 7, 2020 (UTC)Purplemidge1

Articles are written to reflect current events and traits of the lines and products. After the first three days, extra items might be given away as a bonus at events such as that in gift bags, but that doesn't make it a standard giveaway. The event you went to was eight years ago and in recent years (I've been to every launch since Grace), the giveaway item is specifically mentioned as being given away only during the first three days after launch. If the article reflected items being given away outside of those days, it would not be accurate. Nethilia, Head Admin (talkpage) 16:52, August 7, 2020 (UTC)
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