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Nethilia is the founder, bureaucrat, and one of the admins of the American Girl Wiki.

If you need to talk to me directly, you may edit my talk page or e-mail me (please title your e-mail as "American Girl Dolls Wiki" or else it may get lost in my inbox). Please make sure your e-mails are about the wiki; I'm not much on casual discussion outside of forums if I don't know you from a can of paint. Mind your manners around grown folk.


  • Age: Forty-ish
  • Location: Pacific Northwest
  • Hobbies: Quite a few
  • Fan Sites and Forums: Personal AG blog at American Girl Outsider. Mod/founder of American Girl Collectors
  • Discovered American Girl: as a child reading Doll Reader magazines back in the 1980s.


The AGGiB: Black Girl Magic Edition

The American Girl Gang in Residential Location is Neth's massive gang of American Girl dolls. She calls them a gang because they are, with the exception of some older/younger sister sets, in no way related to each other. She personally finds it disturbing to force family relationships between divergent times and unique dolls; friendship is good enough, and magical besides.

A few others from other brands aren't listed, simply because she needs to sort things for them before they debut. Furthermore, I don't always swiftly update this list, as I'm too busy working on the main project.

In order of arrival:

18" Members

  • Magnolia "Maggie" Vincent (TM#47)
  • Alice Lenore Montrésor (TM#13)
  • A Girl For All Time Bex
  • Gisèle Moreau du Bois (TM#80)
  • Holly Joyner (TM#67)


the kid sisters of moddies and one Historical

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