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Hi Everyone! My name is Ariel. I love American Girl and have two - Felicity and Kirsten. I have a larger family and two cats. I love them both very much! I'm a Christian and I live in Northern Georgia. I also like Wikipedia and am extremely glad I found this site! I hope you have a great day! Mermaidgirl45 =)


Below are some of my hobbies:

  • I love to dance.
  • I love to sing.
  • I devour around three to six books a day (on weekends and summer break when there's no school).
  • I adore languages. I'll speak Spanish fluently come May of next year. I want to learn Italian, Chinese, and American Sign Language next. (I've a list of about 20 languages I'd love to learn - and plan on learning as many as I can in my lifetime.)

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Ambitions for American Girl Wiki

Below are all the goals I'd like to help American Girl Wiki accomplish, with the help of Nethilia and all the other wonderful users on here!

  • Make a page for every book, outfit, acccessory, piece of furniture, author, illustrator, character (no matter how minor or major), pet, etc.
  • Upload at least one image to every page

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