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Urban Outfit as seen on Just Like You 16 with accessories and a bag from American Girl Place.

The Urban Outfit is the fourth meet outfit in the American Girl of Today line. It replaced the Red Vinyl Jumper Outfit in 2000 and was later replaced by the Go Anywhere Outfit in 2002.


The outfit was available for purchase separately from the Just Like You dolls for $24.


Grey, red, and blue striped hooded tee-shirt. Three non functional buttons. Snaps down the front under buttons and pulls over the head.


Reversible quilted vest. Blue on one side, red on the other. Functional zipper.


Ankle-length steel blue cargo skirt. Two functional front pockets with flaps; left pocket has red tag with American Girl logo. Functional zipper and velcro on back waist.


Grey socks.


Blue velvet mary janes with chunky black soles. Velcro closure. The shoes can occasionally peel and are also prone to staining dolls' feet when worn without the socks.


Plain white underpants.



Urban Accessories.

The Urban Accessories were available for purchase separately for $20 or bundled with the doll for a discounted price.


Wristwatch with velcro-closing band.


Miniature American Girl magazine.


Nylon olive green purse. Cross-chest strap. Embroidered red "American Girl" and yellow star. Functional zipper.


Flower and dogtag keychain on silver metal clip.

Hair Sticks[]

Two hair sticks. Blue and red beads at the ends.


Three miniature $1 notes.

Library Card[]


The library card.

Yellow paper library card. Measures 1 x 1.5". Text:

Pleasantville Public Library
Name: ______________________
Present this card each time you borrow materials.
100 First Street
Pleasantville, USA

Carried from Mix and Match Accessories.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

The children's outfit was available:

  • Hooded Shirt: $25
  • Long Cargo Skirt: $30
  • Quilted Vest: $38
  • Urban Purse: $10
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