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Under Copp's Hill is the eighth book in the History Mysteries series.


  • Innocenza 'Innie' Moretti
  • Teresa Moretti
  • Matela Rosen
  • Miss Guerrier
  • Miss Brown
  • Nonna
  • Zia Rachela
  • Zio Giovanni
  • Antonio Moretti
  • Mario Moretti
  • Benito Moretti
  • Carmela Moretti

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Chelsea's Burning[]

Chapter Two: A Secret Ride[]

Chapter Three: Moving Day[]

Chapter Four: New Girls[]

Chapter Five: House Time[]

Chapter Six: Two Perfect Flames[]

Chapter Seven: The Margaret Mug[]

Chapter Eight: Night Watch[]

Chapter Nine: Behind the Door[]

Chapter Ten: Under Copp's Hill[]

Chapter Eleven: No Longer Welcome[]

Chapter Twelve: An American Partner[]

Chapter Thirteen: Midnight[]

Chapter Fourteen: A Thursday Afternoon Girl[]

A Peak into the Past[]

Glossary of Italian Words[]

Glossary of Yiddish Words[]