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Kit's Typewriter set (2014 version).

The Typewriter Set (also known as Kit's Typewriter Set) was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2000, retired in 2011; it was rereleased in 2014 with BeForever and retired again in 2019. It is associated with the book Kit's Surprise. Retail cost was $22 before the first retirement and $50 for the BeForever version.


Black metal typewriter. Each of the four rows of keys and space bar presses to raise a type key bar and move the typewriter roller across. The typewriter dings at end of each row of typing. Roller bar can be moved, as well as movable carriage return bar to raise paper. Does not functionally type.


Typewriter eraser. Attached sweep with brush. Does not functionally erase.


Paperstock print storage box. Green, white, and red dotted open diamond pattern. Drawer at bottom and lift up top for storage. Red ribbon on drawer and red tassel on lid. Red ribbon to tie down papers on top under lid.

The rereleased version removed the bottom drawer.


Photograph of Ernie Lombardi.


Three typed newspapers:

Typing Paper[]

Twenty sheets of blank typing paper.

Holly Berry Bunch[]


Typewriter set from 2000-2011.

Holly berry bunch. Comes attached to ribbon inside box. This was not in the rereleased version.

First Ribbon[]

Red loop-edged ribbon. Comes tied in a bow around typewriter. This was not in the rereleased version.

Second Ribbon[]

Thin red ribbon.

In the Books[]

  • The typewriter loosely resembles a Royal brand typewriter.
  • Kit has used this typewriter to make newspapers for her family since prior to the start of the series; by Kit's Surprise, several keys are not working properly and she accidentally breaks the carriage return lever. As a Christmas gift, Dad fixes her typewriter, and Charlie gives her the box of typing paper.