Purple box with holiday decorations printed on it. Numbered tabs can be pushed open to reveal small gift items for dolls for each day leading up to Christmas.

The Twelve Days of Cheer Countdown Set box.

The Twelve Days of Cheer Countdown Set is a Truly Me accessory released in 2020. Retail cost is $50.

Candy Canes

Two white plastic candy canes with red and green stripes. Candy canes are attached together. A purple satin bow is tied around them.


White knit fingerless gloves with light blue hearts stitched on top.

Caroling Book

Caroling book. Book has illustrated cover with the title "Let's Go Caroling" and an illustration of a snow scene with four people caroling. Book contains sheet music for seven carols.

Drink Container

White plastic faux insulated container. Red base and lid. Lid comes off to act as a cup for a drink. Center of container is white with a printed light blue plaid pattern and a red script that reads "Cheers."


Purple lantern with faux candle inside. Lantern has 6 sides. The top of the lantern has the AG star molded in a pattern around the handle. Lantern can turn on.

Contents of the Twelve Days of Cheer Countdown Set. Contains candy canes, mittens, caroling book, insulated container, lantern, gingerbread cookies, scarf, stick-on earrings, ring in box, ornament, bracelet, and headband.

Contents of the Twelve Days of Cheer Countdown Set.

Gingerbread Cookies

Two plastic gingerbread cookies decorated with white "frosting." One has a bow tie and the other has a dress.


White fleece scarf. Scarf has purple, pink, yellow, blue, and red stripes and a fringe at both ends. Scarf comes knotted and attaches around neck with velcro.


Five sets of stick-on earrings. Gem-style earrings in silver, yellow, red, blue, and purple.


Ring in box. Box is white and says "Peace, Love, Joy" on the front in stylized font. Inside is a ring in black foam. Ring has a blue metallic bow on it.


Elastic bracelet. Bracelet has plastic jewel-like beads in light blue, yellow, and red. A silver metal snowflake charm hangs from it.


Silver functional metal bell ornament. Ornament has a silver star stamped on the front. Light blue ribbon is tied in a bow on top of the bell with a loop hanging above it. Loop can be used to hang ornament or for doll to hold it. Bow has "American Girl" written in white font.


Light blue plastic headband with silver glitter antlers.

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