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Troubles for Cécile is the fourth book in the Marie-Grace and Cécile series.


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Chapter by Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Whispers[]

Chapter Two: Cloudy Skies[]

Chapter Three: Troubles Everywhere[]

Chapter Four: Smoke and Music[]

Chapter Five: Many Ways to Help[]

Chapter Six: Prayers and Hope[]

Looking Back: The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1853[]

Discusses the 1853 yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans. Topics covered:

  • The pace at which deadly diseases spread before the advent of vaccinations, modern refrigeration and sewage systems, through dirty water, spoiled food, or unhygienic conditions
  • Various epidemics in American history, such as the 1793 yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia, the 1832 cholera epidemic in northeastern America, and the 1918 flu pandemic
  • Yellow fever as a feared disease due to presented symptoms as well the lack of knowledge needed to prevent or cure yellow fever
  • The lack of concern showed by people of New Orleans when cases of yellow fever began to appear in 1853
  • Weather conditions in the summer of 1853 that allowed yellow fever to spread even among New Orleans natives
  • Effects the yellow fever epidemic had on New Orleans society, from people fleeing and ships avoiding New Orleans due to fear of infection to the increase of patients at hospitals and orphanages
  • The efforts people put forth into treating the sick and caring for the orphaned, for those who remained in New Orleans
  • Doctors, nurses, and nuns who worked tirelessly during the yellow fever epidemic, often becoming infected themselves and succumbing to the disease
  • Mayor Abdiel Crossman's call for prayer and fasting on September 2, 1853
  • The end of the yellow fever epidemic in October 1853 and the nationwide news coverage of the epidemic

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