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Trouble at Fort La Pointe is the seventh book in the History Mysteries series.


  • Suzette Choudoir/A'jawac
  • Phillip Choudoir
  • Gabrielle Broussard
  • Captain d'Amboise
  • Shining Stone
  • Grandmother
  • Yellow Wing
  • Niskigwun
  • Two Fish
  • Charlotte
  • Monsieur Roussain
  • Big Nicholas
  • Baptiste
  • Jacque Depré
  • Mikhail

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: To The Island[]

Chapter Two: Into the Lake[]

Chapter Three: Sabotage[]

Chapter Four: The Captain's Announcement[]

Chapter Five: Under Suspicion[]

Chapter Six: A Surprising Discovery[]

Chapter Seven: A Dangerous Plan[]

Chapter Eight: Close Call[]

Chapter Nine: Arrest[]

Chapter Ten: Trapped[]

Chapter Eleven: Across Stormy Waters[]

Chapter Twelve: Purple Beads[]

Chapter Thirteen: Face to Face[]

Chapter Fourteen: The Competition[]

A Peek Into the Past[]

Glossary of French Words[]

Glossary of Objibwe Words[]