For the Short Story, see Kit's Tree House.

Kit's Tree House.

The Tree House (also known as Kit's Tree House) was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2008 and retired in 2011; it is associated with the movie Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Retail cost was $250.

Tree House

One-room wooden treehouse. Open doorway on right side of front with "Tree House Club Members Only!" sign above entry. Plastic "stained-glass" openable window on left side (hinges at top of window). Front balcony. "Member-o-Belia" sign on inside back wall. Roof is removable.

Fits two dolls laying down and more standing up.

Tree Base

Plastic tree-shaped base resembling a white oak on a silver plastic base. Plastic caps with leaves attached to go onto the ends.


Accessories included.


Plastic beaded chandelier. Ties to the roof.


Plastic lantern with wooden handle. Molded Kit logo. Firefly stickers to simulate fireflies.


"Photo" stickers of Ruthie, Stirling, Eleanor Roosevelt, Charlie, Kit's dad, Amelia Earhart, and Kit.


White metal bucket with blue rim and attached rope. Generally shown as tied to right side of house.



Instructions for assembling Kit's Treehouse

The package comes with instructions for assembly.
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