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Kirsten's Carpet Bag, an example of a Traveling Case.

Traveling Cases are carrying cases for the Historical Characters. These are associated with the Winter Books.

Traveling cases generally served as an example of traveling suitcases/bags for an era, such as trunks and carpet bags, in contrast to the larger storage trunks, which were designed for in-home storage. These generally did not hold large amounts of items, and could generally only carry a small accessory set or a single folded outfit. They were often shown in catalogs with the Historical Underclothes or Winter Amusements.

No character after Addy Walker received this kind of traveling suitcase[1] and were instead given other winter activities. Almost all of these are now retired, though Samantha received a re-release in her travel bag set.

List of Traveling Cases[]


  1. The exception is Melody's Travel Essentials, which include a round suitcase.