The Travel in Style Accessories.

The Travel in Style Accessories is a Truly Me accessory released in 2017 and retired in 2020. Retail value is $28.

Travel Pillow

Neck pillow. White fabric with magenta dot pattern. Gold AG star appears occasionally in pattern.


Summer edition American Girl magazine.


Blue plastic camera with gray and black plastic accents. Either side of camera has a clear plastic hook so dolls can hold it with either hand. A detachable strap attaches to the hooks. Strap is gold on the outside and light pink on the inside.


Light pink passport book with "Off We Go!" written in a gold cursive script on the front of the book. Pages inside have "Destinations" written at the top and have spaces for passport stamps.

Plane Ticket

Blue and beige paper plane ticket for a first class seat on "AG Airlines."

Train Ticket

White and gold train ticket for a round trip on the "AG Express." Burgundy stars and train decorations.


Plastic yellow and green banana.


Sunglasses with white plastic frames around lenses and magenta plastic pieces for over ears. A diamond shape is molded into the edge of the frames on either side of the lenses.


Clear plastic wristlet to hold accessories. Wristlet has pink vinyl strap for wrist and pink vinyl bottom. Gold zipper on top and gold stamp on side with American Girl logo. Zipper pull is gold and has a pink vinyl decoration on the end.


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