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Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure, a Travel Scrapbook.

The Travel Scrapbooks are a Historical Collection of books and accompanying items released in 2002 and eventually retired. The three characters focused on are Samantha Parkington, Kit Kittredge, and Molly McIntire.



Samantha's Travel Duster and Hat, associated with the scrapbook.

Cited as "adventures" on the covers, the scrapbooks focus on the three included characters going on trips to new locations for various reasons. A character or characters connected to them, staying behind, has signed in the front of the scrapbook, noting that they've gifted the scrapbook to the character and asking them to document their trip. The scrapbook is set-type, with occasional scribbles of "handwriting", and documents the entire trip from the home location to the final destination, including various stops on the way.[1] Small cardboard or plastic items are included (stored in glued down pockets), including fold out papers, as "pull-out souvenirs."

Samantha and Molly both received new outfits and accessories to accompany their books. Kit was not given a new outfit or accessories; she instead wore her birthday dress on the cover.

Books and Items[]

Samantha Parkington[]

Kit Kittredge[]

Kit was not given a new outfit or accessories.

Molly McIntire[]


  1. Samantha is on an ocean liner and so does not take stops; however, she documents her regular activities on the boat.