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The Travel Duster and Hat, shown with the parasol.

The Travel Duster and Hat was introduced to Samantha's Collection in 2002 and retired in 2005. It is associated with the book Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure. Retail cost was $24.


Ivory full-length travel duster. Six non-functional brown and ivory buttons on chest. Duster closes with three hidden silver snaps. Collar is turned up. Sleeves have folds at the shoulders. Turned over sleeve cuffs with faux button closure. Closure is stitched together but has buttons on either side.


Embroidered white scarf. Scarf is white with light pink embroidered stripes in the center and along trims. On either side of stripes are rows of curling green vines with flowers in light pink and dark pink.


Beige molded hat with wide brim. Brim turns up at the front. To the left of that, ribbons form a bow with a faux golden tie. Bow consists of solid light pink ribbon tied around hat with a sheer maroon ribbon on top of it. Ribbons are tied around crown of hat and are stitched down in several places.


  • In 2004, when Samantha's Travel Accessories was retired, the parasol was included with the duster and hat and sold as Samantha's Travel Outfit and Parasol. The cost was increased to $30.
  • This set was also advertised with the Victorian Valise.

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