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Transition Dolls are dolls manufactured between 1999 and 2002, the four years between the end of Pleasant Company and the homogenization of Mattel traits in the dolls.

Early Transition Dolls, 1999-2000[]

"Early transition" dolls are similar, but not exactly like Pleasant Company dolls (PC), as they were manufactured before the complete takeover by Mattel and the homogenization of traits. Early transition dolls can have certain traits:

  • Harder eyelashes that are between PC and Mattel levels of hardness
  • Chubbier bodies
  • Shorter height
  • The PLEASANT COMPANY on the back of the neck, as well as potential artists marks, as older head molds continued to be used for some time.

Later Transition Dolls, 2001-2002[]

These dolls have much harder eyelashes They are still shorter and a little plumper than Mattel dolls and thus have a small amount of difficulty into fitting into tight jeans, bodices, etc. Many dolls of this time, including Lindsey, also have some characteristic defects:

  • A defective grey cast to their vinyl, varying in severeness
  • Hair that frizzes easily if the Kanekelon hair fibers are mistreated.