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Traitor in Williamsburg is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Felicity's books.


From the Central Series[]


Chapter By Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: A Dangerous Favor[]

Chapter Two: Threats[]

Chapter Three: An Angry Mob[]

Chapter Four: An Old Friend[]

Chapter Five: Public Auction[]

Chapter Six: Trouble for Father[]

Chapter Seven: Jailed![]

Chapter Eight: A Trap for Mr. Puller[]

Chapter Nine: Midnight in the Cemetery[]

Chapter Ten: Mr. Puller's Mistake[]

Chapter Eleven: Father's Secret[]

Chapter Twelve: A Desperate Situation[]

Chapter Thirteen: Trial Day[]

Chapter Fourteen: A Celebration[]

Looking Back[]

Discusses tension between Loyalists and Patriots during the lead up and start of the American Revolutionary War. Topics include:

  • The increasing tensions in the spring of 1776 and the start of fighting
  • What Patriots and Loyalists thought was best for the colonies
  • The First Continental Congress and the decision to begin boycotting trade with England in 1775
  • The inability for people to obtain English-made goods and the inability for shopkeepers to sell English goods
  • The Committees of Safety, created to enforce the boycott of English goods among the colonies, and their rise to power
  • How the Committees of Safety greatly affected shopkeepers and people who the Committees thought were hurting the Patriot cause
  • The way the Committees and the publicity against individuals ruined the reputations of people and businesses
  • The threat of mob violence against a person accused by the Committee, including the threat of tar and feathers
  • Violence between Patriots and Loyalists
  • How Scottish immigrants were badly treated by Patriots for many being Loyalists
  • The demand for news that both Patriots and Loyalists shared
  • Clementina Rind, a female printer whose printing business published Williamsburg's Virginia Gazette in 1773 and 1774
  • The signing of the Declaration of Independence, one of the biggest news stories of the colonies, and the effects it had on the Revolutionary War

Errors and Inaccuracies[]

  • Mr. Merriman is accused of selling supplies to "Lord Dunmore's soldiers" in the British Army. However, Lord Dunmore himself was out of the area by April 1776 when the book takes place.
  • John Randolph is mentioned in passing. He is based on a real historical figure who was loyal to Lord Dunmore and returned to England as tensions rose. In the book in April 1776, the wigmaker's apprentice mentions that John has just dropped off a wig for repairs. However, it is unlikely that John was still in Williamsburg with Lord Dunmore gone, as his last received letter in America from cousin Thomas Jefferson was in August 1775.



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