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Trail Bike I.

The Trail Bike I is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 2002 and retired in 2004. Retail cost was $56.


Pearlescent purple metal trail bike. Silver metal wheel spokes with plastic black tread tires. Front wheels have faux plastic shock absorbers. Handles have faux silver brake switches that move. Black and purple flexible seat with faux screw to adjust height. Black pedals with elastic to hold doll feet; pedals also fold down for storage. Silver gears with purple metal cover and a silver kickstand. American Girl text sticker on both sides of bike. Sticker has with pink font and pink and green hibiscus flower.


Purple and black plastic helmet. American Girl logo sticker on both sides of helmet with pink font and green hibiscus flower. Sparkly pink sticker around rim of helmet. Black elastic strap.


Silver plastic cable bike lock. Translucent pink flexible non functioningchain. Lock has pink and green hibiscus flower sticker on both sides. Lock opens by pressing a switch on the side.


Bike Basics Backpack Book.

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