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Trail Accessories.

The Trail Accessories is a My American Girl accessory set released in 2014 and retired in 2015. Retail cost is $38.


Silver plastic canteen with colorful stripe decoration on either side. Light pink ribbon strap and cap. Cap can twist off.


Silver carabiner. Can connect with accessories.


Blue plastic non-functional compass with orange and pink printed graphic on the front of the case. The compass is shown at right attached to the carabiner.


Blue binoculars with gray and pink accents. Gray neck strap with pink plastic attachment to take it on or off doll's neck. Orange and pink graphic on left side of binoculars that matches graphic on compass case.

Trail Mix[]

Yellow and light green packaging for trail mix. Blue "Trail Mix" and "Fruit and Nut" lettering around a clear window on front of package. Window shows plastic trail mix inside.


Braided bracelet with blue, orange, and purple thread. Round pink gemstone threaded on it.


Beanie-style knit hat. Hat has shades of purple, pink, and blue mixed throughout. Sewn patch with blue leaf on left side of beanie. A pink gemstone is attached by the patch with a gold star dangling from it. Back of beanie is ruched.