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Tracy Albright is the older sister of Julie Albright.

Personality and Facts

Tracy is fifteen at the start of the series, making her six or so years older than Julie and in high school. Despite their gap, she often spends time with Julie, including playing basketball with her and helping her with her homework. However the two girls do have conflicts.

She often blames her parents for divorcing and feels their family will never be "a regular family" again. Her relationships with both parents are strained, but she especially feels her father is distant now and makes herself distant to him by not visiting on weekends, saying she prefers to stay "home" in their apartment instead.

She does settle into her new life in a different part of the city easily, making friends very quickly and exploring eagerly. Julie admires the way Tracy is confident about "everything," but also thinks she is a hair freak for using orange-juice cans as curlers to straighten her hair. Tracy had the idea to name Joyce's store Gladrags, from the Rod Steward cover song "Handbags and Gladrags". Tracy is known to be very trendy and loves popular teenage shows such as Happy Days. She is good at basketball and plays with Julie, but prefers to play tennis including at school. She knows about players such as Bille Jean King and Chrissie Evert--making Julie think of her as a "tennis freak."

At her age, she is starting to show interest in boys. Once she gets her driver's license, she adores driving her car around and is often pestering her mother to let her go get things from the grocery store or run errands. Tracy, however, is cautious about her daughter's driving and rarely lets her go out, especially in stormy weather.

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  1. She is fifteen in Meet Julie.