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The Tiki Party Set.

The Tiki Party Set was an American Girl Minis accessory. It was released in 2002(?) and retired in 2003 with the rest of the line. Retail cost was $40.

Tiki Mat

Beige woven mat with green trim.

Flower Garland

Green palm leaf garland with red flowers in center. Green cord to hang garland.

Bird-of-Paradise Plants

Two orange bird-of-paradise plants in pots. Pots are a beige faux woven pattern with a brown decorative pattern on the sides.

Tiki Torches

Two tiki torches that stand in the plants. Torches have cords and can light up with outlets.

Tiki Statues

Two dark brown wooden tiki statues.


Gray tablecloth with green palm leaf pattern. Tablecloth is smaller than tiki mat.

Napkin Holder

Pineapple-shaped napkin holder. Holder has green and yellow paint for pineapple with alternating dark and light brown base.


Four light orange napkins. Napkins can fit in holder.

Cake and Stand

Yellow frosted cake with red flower decoration in center. Orange icing around flower decoration and base of cake. Cake sits on decorative bed of green palm leaves. Cake is on orange stand.

Fruit Kabobs

Four fruit kabobs with orange, green, yellow, and pink faux fruit on them.


Beige faux woven platter with green palm leaf printed on it.


Four brown mugs with tiki faces and pink straws. Each also has an umbrella in green, red, orange, and yellow.


Four plates. Plates are coral with a purple flower in the center. Rim of plate has white triangle pattern around it.


Two silver forks.


Two silver spoons.


Four leis. Two are red and orange and two are purple and orange.


  • This was sold as an extra set, but it was specifically advertised as an add-on to the Pergola or Cabana sets.
  • This was sold in a dark green box with a tropical leaf pattern.