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The Water Fountain Girls are a three-person clique at Jack London Elementary and is made up of three of Julie Albright's classmates.

Basic Facts[]


Personality and Facts[]

The only three members are Alison, Amanda, and Angela. It is implied that to be in the group, one's name should start with an "A." They are named the Water Fountain Girls because Julie first saw them hanging around the water fountain. They tease people and gossip. They are not all bad, though.

In The Books[]

Meet Julie: An American Girl[]

The Water Fountain girls whisper rudely about Julie. One of them asks why Mom's name is Mrs. Albright if she is divorced. But when Mom brought things from her shop on Career Day, they like her things.

Julie Tells Her Story[]

The Water Fountain Girls talk about The Story of my Life project. It is mentioned that Amanda's mom is an identical twin. Julie is sad that is it so easy for the girls to talk about their family. Then, at the end, Angela gives her project first.

Julie and the Eagles[]

It is Alison's idea to launch 60 balloons on Earth Day. Then, when balloons were turned down because they would pop and litter, she came up with the idea of kites. Amanda then adds in that they can fly them on Earth Day all at once, to tell everybody about the eagles.

Changes for Julie[]

Julie hears the Water Fountain Girls behind the curtain in the gym. They were hanging up a poster for Mark. They say good things about Mark and tease Joy. They say that Julie should dump Joy if she wants to win the school election. Then, after Joy speaks at the debate, the Water Fountain Girls make fun of her before class. In the lunch room, T.J. tells Julie that the Water Fountain Girls got triple detention. Julie arranges with Mrs. Duncan that the girls learn sign language rather than write sentences. Then the girls go with Julie to Joy's house to say "sorry" in sign language. Then, they help Julie and Joy in the election by dressing up in the school colors and sing a song that they made up.

A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie[]

In the Short Film[]

The girls are credited individually:

  • Mia Moore as Alison
  • Caydence Joy as Amanda
  • Masha Malinina as Angie/Angela