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The Traveler's Tricks is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Caroline's books.


From the Central Series[]


Chapter By Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: A Journey Begins[]

Chapter Two: The Eagle Tavern[]

Chapter Three: Magic[]

Chapter Four: A New Passenger[]

Chapter Five: Miss Bullard Explains[]

Chapter Six: A Phantom Rider[]

Chapter Seven: Stolen[]

Chapter Eight: Talking Pigs![]

Chapter Nine: More Trouble[]

Chapter Ten: A Sneaky Nighttime Meeting[]

Chapter Eleven: The Great Nicolas[]

Chapter Twelve: One Secret Revealed[]

Chapter Thirteen: Serious Charges[]

Chapter Fourteen: A Trap to Catch a Thief[]

Chapter Fifteen: Beware the Magician![]

Looking Back[]

Discusses stagecoach travel and roadside taverns during the 1810s. Topics covered:

  • The rarity for people on the frontier to travel to bigger cities, and how long it would have taken to travel between Sackets Harbor to Albany during the 1810s.
  • The condition of stagecoaches, with many only having curtains to shield their passengers from outside weather and dirt and limited room for passengers and their baggage.
  • Risks travelers took with traveling by stagecoach, such as possible carriage accidents and the passengers having to help with roadside repairs.
  • Stagecoaches serving as targets for thieves that can take baggage without being seen, only for the theft to be discovered long after the thief had left.
  • Ways travelers could pass the time, such as carrying conversations amongst themselves or telling tall tales and singing songs with the driver.
  • Roadside taverns aiding passing travelers by providing hot food, drinks, a fire, and rooms to share with others and for sleep during the night.
  • Taverns that helped those in their community by functioning as a post office, as well as being a place to buy or sell horses, hear gossip, or play games.
  • Suspicion villagers had towards traveling entertainers, especially magicians as very few understood that their tricks were just illusions and not real magic.


  1. Pg. 6: "Be very careful," [Papa] said. "After Commander Perry's victory on Lake Erie, the British are more determined than ever to get their hands on U.S. Navy ships and plans." [...] Caroline nodded solemnly. She knew the U.S. Navy had defeated and captured six British ships in September, winning back control of Lake Erie. The Battle of Lake Erie took place on September 10, 1813, and resulted in American victory under Commanders Oliver Hazard Perry and Jesse Elliot's leadership.