The Stolen Sapphire is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Samantha's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Strange Encounter

Samantha is waiting at Bertram's Book Shop for Nellie, when Mr. Bertram comes up to her and tells her that her aunt requested a few books that were just delivered and that he thinks that they are for the trip. When Mr. Bertram offers to let Samantha wait inside for Nellie, Samantha tells him that Nellie is hardly ever late and should be there any minute. When Nellie's blue coat comes into sight on the street, Samantha says goodbye to Mr. Bertram. Nellie apologizes that she is late and says that it is because her teacher, Miss Frantzen, gave her problems to do while she was away. It is revealed that the next day, they were sailing on a voyage to Europe with Grandmary and Archibald Beemis. Then, Nellie's friend Jamie comes down the street and asks to talk to Nellie alone. Samantha sees Jamie handing a small package to Nellie and Nellie shaking her head. Samantha wonders what the small package is and what Jamie is telling Nellie or asking her to do.

Chapter Two: All Aboard

Chapter Three: An Unlucky Star

Chapter Four: Stormy Weather

Chapter Five: The Search

Chapter Six: A Suspect

Chapter Seven: Monkey Business?

Chapter Eight: Hidden

Chapter Nine: Letters Home

Chapter Ten: A Question of Identity

Chapter Eleven: Lost and Found

Chapter Twelve: Danger At Sea

Chapter Thirteen: An Unexpected Package

Looking Back

Discusses ocean travel in the turn of the century. Topics include:

  • Faster forms of travel that allowed people to visit other countries and learn about different cultures, with Europe being the most popular destination to visit by Americans
  • How shipbuilding companies competed with one another to build the fastest and most luxurious ocean liners
  • Some of the amenities state-of-the-art ocean liners featured for first-class passengers, such as ballrooms, tropical garden rooms, and lavish dining rooms and cabins modeled from exotic locations
  • How second-class and steerage passengers were accommodated and treated, usually with simpler amenities in the ship's lower decks
  • Queenstown, Ireland—despite being a popular port for steamships picking up Irish immigrants leaving for America, it was not seen as a tourist destination due to prejudice against the Irish
  • Fascination with countries and cultures that seemed mysterious and exotic to Americans, especially China, Japan, and Egypt
  • Fascination with ancient civilizations, with precious objects and artifacts on display in American and European museums from archaeological excavations
  • The Star of India

Glossary of French Terms

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  1. Pg. 15: Last spring, the Admiral and Grandmary had taken Samantha to London with them. This year, they invited both Samantha and Nellie to accompany them on their trip to England and France. Samantha's previous voyage was in April 1906.

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