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The Sound of Applause: A Rebecca Classic Volume 1 is a bound book of the first three books of Rebecca's Central Series. It is included with the Rebecca doll when she is purchased and can be purchased separately.

Stories Included

Changes and Added Transitions

  • Meet Rebecca, "Chapter Three: One for the Money": The description of Rebecca's outfit is changed from resembling her Classic Meet outfit (velvet collar and cuffs, "burgundy" dress, "Rich garnet tweed," and black leather shoes) to her BeForever Meet outfit (white collar and cuffs, "purple" dress, "Rich violet tweed," matching leather shoes).
  • Rebecca and Ana, Chapter One: Welcome to America (Now Chapter Six), changes the first two opening paragraphs around, adds an opening line about the days passing slowly waiting for Ana and her family to arrive, and adds a line about Rebecca fixing her skirt. A line about Max being an actor and helping pay for the tickets is removed (as it would be redundant, being mentioned in the chapter before).
  • Candlelight For Rebecca, "Chapter One: A Holiday Project" (now Chapter Eleven) contains a transitional paragraph; this includes Rebecca noticing the season shifting into winter with hints of snow and it being near time for Hanukkah (which was originally after the opening scene of Rebecca and Rose Krensky walking) and adds text about it being some weeks later and that Rebecca's cousin Josef Rubin is now safe with his family, having made it through immigration.

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