The Smuggler's Treasure is the first History Mystery.


  • Elisabet Holder: Elisabet is an eleven year old girl. She is, at the start of the story, sent to New Orleans to live with relatives she's never met in a lifestyle quite different from her wealthy lifestyle. Her birthday is June 6th, 1803.
  • Marie Jefferson: A young, hard-working French girl who works at the DuMaurier bakery.
  • Claude: A generous baker from the Caribbean who makes the best rolls.
  • Raoul :A skinny boy of fourteen who is Claude's assistant and training to become a baker.
  • Jean Lafitte: A famous privateer known for capturing enemy British ships.
  • Jeremiah Robinson: A gentleman and a lawyer who helps Elisabet.
  • Lucas McCain: A rugged man who watches the bakery.
  • Captain Holder: Elisabet's father, a ship captain. He was the captain of the Independence. Five months ago, his ship was stopped by a British warship (the Sophie) and, when the officers had seen he was born in London, captured him as a traitor to England.
  • Henri DuMaurier: Elisabet's uncle who owned the bakery.
  • Augustine DuMaurier: Elisabet's aunt.

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Pirates and Pickpockets

Chapter Two: Alone

Chapter Three: An Unexpected Introduction

Chapter Four: Haunted?

Chapter Five: The Missing Map

Chapter Six: A Captain's Ransom

Chapter Seven: Footsteps Downstairs

Chapter Eight: Treasure Search

Chapter Nine: Disturbing News

Chapter Ten: A Ghostly Visitor

Chapter Eleven: Dangerous Discovery

Chapter Twelve: Escape into the Storm

Chapter Thirteen: A Mysterious Meeting

Chapter Fourteen: A Pirate's Promise

A Peek Into the Past

Discusses circumstances and life during the War of 1812. Topics include:

Glossary of French Words

A glossary of French words is included.

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