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The Smuggler's Treasure is the first book in the History Mysteries series.


  • Elisabet Holder: Elisabet is an eleven-year-old girl sent to New Orleans to live with relatives she's never met while her father is missing; the society is different from her previously wealthy lifestyle. Her birthday is June 6th, 1803.
  • Marie Jefferson: A young, hard-working French girl who works at the DuMaurier bakery.
  • Claude: A generous baker from the Caribbean who makes the best rolls.
  • Raoul :A skinny boy of fourteen who is Claude's assistant and training to become a baker.
  • Jean Lafitte: A famous privateer known for capturing enemy British ships.
  • Jeremiah Robinson: A gentleman and a lawyer who helps Elisabet.
  • Lucas McCain: A rugged man who watches the bakery.
  • Captain Holder: Elisabet's father, the ship captain of the Independence. Five months ago, his ship was captured by a British warship (the Sophie) and, when the officers saw he was born in London, he was captured as a traitor to England.
  • Henri DuMaurier: Elisabet's uncle who owns the bakery and her mother's older brother.
  • Augustine DuMaurier: Elisabet's aunt.

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Pirates and Pickpockets[]

It is August 28, 1814 and Elizabet Holder is on the Marissa, a ship that is just about to arrive in New Orleans. She compares the mud and cypress trees to her hometown of Boston. Other passengers point out the tip of the St. Louis Cathedral, which is coming into view. She stands by the railing with Mr. Robinson, another passenger. It has taken six weeks to travel from Boston to New Orleans, and Elizabet comments that it was more exciting than she expected, even though some parts of it scared her. She was frightened of the storms, though like her father, she was never seasick. Elizabet is more nervous about meeting her aunt and uncle for the first time.

Elizabet likes Mr. Robinson, even though another passenger, Mrs. Murdoch, is suspicious of his nice clothing and thinks he could be a gambler. He asks about her family, and Elizabet tells him that she has never met her aunt or uncle. Her uncle is her mother's older brother, and her mother died when she was young. When Mrs. Murdoch refers to her as an orphan, Elizabet gets angry and tells her off. Her father was captured by the British five months prior. Captain Holder was with his cargo ship, the Independence, when it was stopped by a British ship, the Sophie. Captain Holder's papers state that he was born in London, and the officers pronounce him a traitor to the crown, even though he explains that he is an American citizen. Elizabet hopes that when the war ends, she will be able to reunite with her father.

The Sophie is reportedly headed for the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Robinson comments that British ships wouldn't come near New Orleans unless they attempted a surprise invasion through the swamps. Whoever controls New Orleans controls all the trade along the Mississippi River, so that makes it a good target. Mrs. Murdoch protests that the city is full of criminals, especially pirates. She specifically mentions Jean Lafitte, and Mr. Robinson explains that he is a privateer, not a pirate. Privateers only attack the enemies, never American ships, and they might be the city's best protection if the British invade.

Chapter Two: Alone[]

Chapter Three: An Unexpected Introduction[]

Chapter Four: Haunted?[]

Chapter Five: The Missing Map[]

Chapter Six: A Captain's Ransom[]

Chapter Seven: Footsteps Downstairs[]

Chapter Eight: Treasure Search[]

Chapter Nine: Disturbing News[]

Chapter Ten: A Ghostly Visitor[]

Chapter Eleven: Dangerous Discovery[]

Chapter Twelve: Escape into the Storm[]

Chapter Thirteen: A Mysterious Meeting[]

Chapter Fourteen: A Pirate's Promise[]

A Peek Into the Past[]

Discusses circumstances and life during the War of 1812. Topics include:

Glossary of French Words[]

A glossary of French words is included.