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This article is about the BeForever version. For the 2019 version, see Maryellen: The One and Only.

The One and Only: A Maryellen Classic Volume 1 is the unabridged first volume of Maryellen's series. It was included with the Maryellen doll when purchased and could be purchased separately until the release of Maryellen: The One and Only.



Only in The One and Only

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapters One-Four can be seen as the equivalent of a meet book or "Book One."
Setting: Daytona Beach, Summer 1954

Chapter One: The Room Switcheroo

Chapter Two: Another Great Idea

Chapter Three: Extraordinary, Not Extra Ordinary

Chapter Four: In the Pink

Chapters Five-Nine can be seen as the equivalent of "Book Two."
Setting: Daytona Beach, Late Summer/Early-to-Mid Fall 1954

Chapter Five: Being Noticed

Chapter Six: Unique

Chapter Seven: Tickled Pink

Chapter Eight: The Lunch Bunch

Chapter Nine: Maryellen's Cold War

Chapters Ten-Thirteen can be seen as the equivalent of "Book Three."
Setting: Daytona Beach, Winter 1954

Chapter Ten: Christmas Is on Its Way, Hurray!

Chapter Eleven: Four Wishes Rolled into One

Chapter Twelve: All Aboard

Chapter Thirteen: The Skaters' Waltz

Inside Maryellen's World

Discusses life in America during the 1950s. Topics covered:

  • The exuberant growth Americans experienced during the 1950s, with the economy booming, the birth rate increasing, and jobs being plentiful as industries switched from making wartime products to goods for families.
  • Popular television programs families enjoyed watching together, such as I Love Lucy, The Ed Sullivan Show and The Lone Ranger.
  • The power newscasters and advertisers had with shaping the public's view of life, as most people watched the same newscast, programs and advertisements due to the lack of channels available.
  • Ways TV depicted life inaccurately, such as portraying women as housewives and having almost everyone on TV be white.
  • Advertisers and manufacturers getting Americans to buy more new good by encouraging consumers to buy cars, furniture and appliances that were as nice as their neighbors'.
  • The Cold War, caused by political tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union, as both countries were deeply suspicious of each other and had a hostile relationship.
  • The possibility for people suspected for having friendly feelings toward the Soviet Union to be blacklisted, resulting in losing their jobs and being questioned by the government.
  • Middle class children living comfortable lives, as they had more opportunities for education and entertainment than any previous generation of children.
  • TV not only encouraging conformity, but also broadening people's views by showing how other people lived and bringing the whole world right into their viewers' living rooms.


  • This book was also sold in Spanish as Especial y única: Un clásico de Maryellen.

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