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The New Girl is an Innerstar University gamebook for the My American Girl dolls.

Opening Summary[]

The story starts off with the protagonist going to Brightstar House. She is then informed that a new girl, Zoe, is coming from Paris and the others are are planning a welcome party for her. Everyone seems excited about this, but The protagonist feels a bit jealous then. She is then informed about the games that can be chosen to sign up for.

Later, Zoe arrives and the the protagonist learns that Isabel has already made friends with her. The protagonist walks to the party, but everyone seems excited about seeing Zoe. The protagonist now can either drop out of the games (ending the story early) or continue to participate. What happens from this point on is up to the reader's choice, such as being on Zoe's team, voting for cartwheels, and more.

Book Endings[]

  • Can't Help With Party Ending: The protagonist doesn't help with Zoe's welcome party. Zoe will meet her later on, and the protagonist is sure that she's about to become friends with her.
  • Dropped Out Of Games Ending: The protagonist leaves the games during Zoe's welcome party. Logan and Shelby will apologize and the protagonist decides to make it up to Zoe later.
  • Sit Out Of The Games Ending: The protagonist decides to not join the games during the start of the book. The protagonist will regret not joining but will take pictures of the events.
  • Skip Zoe's Party Before It Happens Ending: The protagonist goes into Zoe's room and decides to not go then. Zoe will apologize for not being able to find the protagonist, and the protagonist will try not to jump to conclusions again.
  • Back Of The Boat Ending: Go in the back of the boat during "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and The protagonist's team will all jump into the water. The protagonist will win and be proud of herself.
  • Overturned Boat Ending: The boat tips over in the same game. Even though Cassie is mad, the rest of the team consoles the protagonist, and she is happier.
  • An Accidental Cartwheel Ending: The protagonist fails to make the cartwheel, but Zoe reminds her that she got up and took her failure. The protagonist then decide to try pate.
  • Standing Up For Zoe Ending: The protagonist stands up for Zoe when Cassie and Sophie are being rude to her. Riley and Zoe are proud of her protagonist for standing up for her.
  • Deny Student Council Ending: The protagonist rejects the student council. This leads to Logan leaving the games and many other students as well. The protagonist feels bad for denying her.
  • Let Go Ending: Let go in Tug-Of-War. The Big Dreamers win, and they begin to have fun in the mud pit.
  • No Purse Ending: The protagonist doesn't talk about the purse in the Style Scavenger Hunt. This leads to the team losing.
  • Hold On Ending: 'The protagonist holds on in Tug-Of-War. Even though the Big Dreamers lose, they have fun and manage to score points.
  • Standing Up For Zoe Ending 2: The protagonist defends Zoe when Becca is being rude to her. The protagonist realize that she has successfully made a new friendship with her.
  • Go To Zoe's Room Ending: The protagonist goes to Zoe's room rather than going to the attic. Zoe and her will stand up to Becca.
  • Go To Zoe's Room Ending 2: The protagonist goes to Zoe's room after joining student council. She and Zoe begin naturally bonding.
  • Confession Ending: The protagonist tells her friends how she feels after the movie is played. Shelby will explain what happened and the protagonist will decide not to overreact again.
  • Pillow Fight Ending: The protagonist and the Big Dreamers have a pillow fight. The protagonist say that they're all wacky, so they change the team name to the Wacky Dreamers.
  • Balloon Race Ending: The protagonist chooses the Balloon Race. The protagonist comforts Becca and she changes.
  • Correct Cheese Ending: The protagonist agrees with Zoe in guessing cupcake flavors. The protagonist learns something from her.
  • Developments Ending: The protagonist become closer friends to Becca and follows Zoe's example as well.
  • Confidence Ending: The protagonist stands up to Becca. Becca won't be friends but the protagonist will have a better relationship with Zoe.

Online Endings[]