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The Minstrel's Melody is the eleventh book in the History Mystery series.


  • Orphelia Bruce
  • Pearl
  • Cap
  • Madame "Miretta" Maryanne
  • Otisteen Bruce
  • Thelton Bruce
  • Clementine Madison
  • Ambrose Madison
  • Mr. McCutcheon
  • Reverend Rutherford
  • Mrs. Rutherford
  • Uncle Winston/Rueben
  • Sheriff Lasswell
  • Demetria Madison
  • Panella Dade
  • Grand Master Roberts
  • Othello
  • Lillian
  • Laphet
  • Artemus
  • Bertha

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter One: The Stone Shed

Chapter Two: Punished

Chapter Three: Marvelous Madame Meritta

Chapter Four: The Stowaway

Chapter Five: Perform with Passion!

Chapter Six: A Close Call

Chapter Seven: The Dixie Palace

Chapter Eight: A Crazy Idea

Chapter Nine: Orphelia's Last Chance

Chapter Ten: The Grand Finale

A Peek into the Past