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The Jazzman's Trumpet is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Kit's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: The Pitch

Chapter Two: Following the Music

Chapter Three: A New Source

Chapter Four: Cast of Characters

Chapter Five: Slim

Chapter Six: Sabotage

Chapter Seven: The Interview

Chapter Eight: Topsy-Turvy

Chapter Nine: A Hard Discovery

Chapter Ten: Accused!

Chapter Eleven: In Inside Job

Chapter Twelve: Finding Beatrice

Chapter Thirteen: A Happy Reunion

Chapter Fourteen: A Dream Come True

Inside Kit's World

Discusses the popularity of jazz and swing music during the Great Depression. Topics covered:

  • The success of swing music being it's ability to relate with it's listeners and the upbeat melodies that were able to inspire people during the Depression.
  • Families turning to their radios for free entertainment, and the music programs that would invite musicians and bands to play live on the radio.
  • The special relationship between jazz music and radios, and the African American musicians who were able to share their music with their listeners and become household names in black and white communities.
  • Different dance styles that were developed as the popularity of swing music soared, such as the Shag and the Suzy Q, the Big Apple and the Little Peach, and the Lindy Hop.
  • Negative criticisms jazz music received from those who viewed it as 'ugly noise' - even from Thomas Edison, despite the phonograph allowing jazz records to be played within households.
  • The suspicions some people had that jazz music promoted such vulgar behavior as close dancing and the demonstration of shameless enthusiasm.
  • Jazz remaining as a popular form of music today, with many big cities holding jazz festivals to help preserve jazz and swing music traditions for future generations.


  1. Pg. 3. Kit loved listening to the King Jazz Hour every Monday evening with her father. As the date of the jazz concert Kit wins tickets to is September 14th, the closest Monday would have to be September 9th.
  2. Pg. 158. [Kit] had spent all of Sunday writing and rushed home from school the next day to add the finishing touches. Kit's article was due for the following Monday after the jazz concert, which would have been September 16th.
  3. Pg 14. Kit had spent a week of her summer vacation at the theater working on an article about a play. Kit was seen working on this article in A Thief in the Theater, set before Missing Grace.
  4. Pg. 135. Kit read the caption. "Mr and Mrs. Stewart 'Slim' Simpson relaxing at home with their five year old daughter, Beatrice."