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The Cameo Necklace is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Marie-Grace and Cécile's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Night at the Circus

Chapter Two: Confusion on the Wharf

Chapter Three: Uncle Henry's Last Gift

Chapter Four: Back to the Floating Palace

Chapter Five: Close Call

Chapter Six: An Unexpected Invitation

Chapter Seven: The French Market

Chapter Eight: Troubling Questions

Chapter Nine: Hunters and Lions

Chapter Ten: Miss Millie

Chapter Eleven: Agnès's Surprise

Chapter Twelve: Message in Congo Square

Chapter Thirteen: Chase

Chapter Fourteen: Hannah's Secret

Chapter Fifteen: Shadows in the Night

Looking Back

Discusses the challenges people of color faced during the 1850s. Topics covered:

  • The swamps of New Orleans that provided a place of refuge for maroons - fugitive and runaway slaves - to hide from slave catchers
  • Communities set up by maroons
  • Maroon activities such as trading goods, helping slaves escape, and committing thievery on plantations
  • Differing viewpoints on maroons and their activities between slaves, free people of color, slave owners, and the government
  • San Malo, a maroon leader publicly hanged by the Spanish government in the 1780s when Louisiana was still under Spanish rule
  • Bras-Coupé, a maroon killed by American soldiers and whose corpse was put on display in New Orleans' public square
  • The origins of the term "maroon" to describe runaway slaves, from the Spanish word cimarrón to denote runaway livestock
  • Maroon communities throughout the American South and Texas, in the Caribbean, and in Central and South America
  • Racial tension in the 1850s and threat of enslavement for free people of color caught without carrying legal documentation of their free status
  • The Floating Palace, a circus showboat that frequently toured New Orleans during the winter in the 1850s

Glossary of French Words

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