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The American Girls Dress Designer is an educational computer game developed and released by Mattel Interactive for Windows in 1999. This was essentially an interactive version of the paper doll sets American Girl sold featuring their Historical Characters roster, from Felicity Merriman to Molly McIntire. The set included six paper dolls as well. The retail cost was $29.99 and later lowered to $19.99.


The game allows players to create and edit period clothes for the historical characters. Users can choose between different patterns, styles, designs and trim for each character, and they can also build and print out a fashion portfolio.


The American Girls Dress Designer installs and runs on modern operating systems, but a bug within the game's code causes it to crash on Windows NT 4.0 onwards (this includes consumer operating systems based upon NT, such as XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8.x and 10).[1][2] This can however be fixed with an unofficial patch.[3]