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The Terrific Tubing outfit as seen on what is likely the first edition of Just Like You 6.

The Terrific Tubing outfit is an American Girl of Today released in 1997 and retired in 2001. Retail cost was $24.


Yellow parka. White faux fur trim at wrists and on hood. White zipper. Elastic waist and two functional pockets in front. Black American Girl of Today logo patch on left chest. White quilted fabric inside.

Snow Pants[]

Black snow pants with elastic waist. Black elastic criss-cross shoulder straps. White quilted fabric inside.


Black snow mittens. American Girl of Today logo stitched on top.


Snow boots. Purple rubber soles. Base of boot has flexible red rubber with American Girl logo printed on outside. White and red vinyl section above it with purple trim. White shoelaces. White faux fur trim at top of boot.


Purple inner tube. Top has printed graphic with yellow, blue, orange, red, and green stars around center. Outside has line alternating red, green, yellow, and blue. American Girl of Today logo on one side. Yellow plastic handles. "Hold Tight!" is written in yellow next to each handle. Clear nozzle to inflate tube.