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Tenney is the first book about Tenney Grant. It was included with the doll when she was available; it is now available separately.


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Chapter By Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: Lost in the Music[]

Chapter Two: Hot Chicken and Bright Lights[]

Chapter Three: The Jamboree[]

Chapter Four: Lillian Street Senior Center[]

Chapter Five: Center Stage[]

Chapter Six: Ellie Cale[]

Chapter Seven: Find Your Voice[]

Chapter Eight: Sunday Supper[]

Chapter Nine: In the Spotlight[]

Chapter Ten: A Breakthrough[]

Chapter Eleven: A Stronger Bridge[]

Chapter Twelve: Printers Alley[]

Chapter Thirteen: A Second Chance[]

Chapter Fourteen: Nothing Special[]

Chapter Fifteen: Backflips and Butterflies[]

Chapter Sixteen: The Bluebird Cafe[]

Chapter Seventeen: Feeling the Heat[]

Chapter Eighteen: A New Debut[]

Chapter Nineteen: Just the Beginning[]

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