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Tenney: A Song for the Season is the fourth book about Tenney Grant.


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Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Hitting a High Note

Chapter Two: Super Amazing

Chapter Three: All in the Details

Chapter Four: A Time of Giving

Chapter Five: Ready to Go

Chapter Six: Setting the Tone

Chapter Seven: The Sound of Silence

Chapter Eight: On the Road

Chapter Nine: Breaking the Ice

Chapter Ten: Change of Plans

Chapter Eleven: Under Pressure

Chapter Twelve: Get It Together

Chapter Thirteen: Homesick Hotel

Chapter Fourteen: Falling Apart

Chapter Fifteen: Taken by Surprise

Chapter Sixteen: Stranded

Chapter Seventeen: To the Rescue

Chapter Eighteen: One Last Show

Chapter Nineteen: A Christmas Surprise

Chapter Twenty: The Road Home

See Also

  1. Tenney is told in Chapter Three that the tour will start in six weeks, be a week long, and she will return home by Christmas day. This would place the start of the tour approximately December 17th, and six week prior places the first chapter of the book in early November.
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